Our Promise To You

We have created and dedicated this page to you.

This page is created as a promise to you.  To ensure that all articles written are true and of the best of our ability.  If there is a time where our information is found to be false, we will do everything in our power to add additional research and correct the mistake immediately.  

If there is ever a sponsored post, we will address and acknowledge that at the beginning of the article.  The article in no way will be influenced by the sponsorship.  We are fair and true to our word.  As seen in many articles of ours, if a product is bad we will say it (and vice-versa).  A sponsorship will not change this.

We are also including our outline for every product recommendation and review.  This outline will include:

  • Product name
  • Value it adds to you‚Äč
  • Features and benefits (pros)
  • The problem the product solves
  • Everything that comes with the product (in the box)
  • Technical information
  • Address all fears of product and address them (cons)
  • Price
  • What to expect after you purchase the product

This outline will give you a much better idea of how each article will be written and what to expect.  This will make reading our content much easier and it will give you a reason to continue to come back and read our content!

As always, we thank you so much for stopping by and reading our content.  There is nothing better on this earth than helping those who are willing to listen.


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