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Hmmm where do I start.  Well, I'm Jeff.  The only author for OneShutterSpeed.com.  I take pride in knowing what I do in the camera/film industry.  This benefits you in a great way.  You not only get accurate reviews and recommendations - but you also get my personality (hahaha).

A little about myself - after graduating high school I joined the Army.  I really enjoyed the life lessons and discipline that the military drills into you (literally).  I went in a child and came out a completely different person.  I then went on to obtaining a degree, my CDL, and eventually working as an electrician (my current job)...

But throughout my life I always felt the need to take video and photos.  I think it came from watching so much reality television in the late 90's and early 2000s.  Shows like Jackass, Big Brother, Survivor (and many others) occupied a lot of my time...  But along with those shows I would watch the Discovery Channel.  

The Discovery Channel made me look at the world differently.  I would watch the Deadliest Catch (back in 2003) and O.C.C (also around the same time).  These shows told me on a subconscious level that everything can be documented.  Everything can be captured.  You can not only make something memorable out of it, but (more importantly) you can look back on it.  Many many years later.

This idea of capturing time and moments are priceless.  Take The Deadliest Catch for example.  When Captain Phil passed away in 2011, the footage of him throughout the years prior instantly became priceless.  It's something his children can look at and remember their father by.

That idea is what got me started in the photo/film industry.  To not only impact people but create a memory they will be able to relive through a photo or video.

I started filming on a Hi-8 JVC camcorder in 2003.  I would then convert the video from a mini-tape to VHS - and later straight to DVD.

While I have not perused film or photography as a full time job - I am hoping that at some point within the next 5 years I can call myself a writer, photographer, and filmmaker. 

Join me on this journey.  I make reviews and recommendations, educational tips and tricks, as well as a daily blog where I record what I accomplished in my day or week.

I look forward to growing this website and seeing you benefit from the knowledge that I will share. 

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