Best Canon Lenses For Sports (updated 2020)

Today we are diving into the top 7 best canon lenses for sports.  With that, there are a few key features you need to keep in mind when deciding which lens to choose when shooting sports.  The features are:Focal LengthApertureImage StabilizationAnother factor you need to keep in mind when choosing your lens, is setting.  Are […]

The Best Photography Books For Beginners (and beyond)

I can’t tell you how much knowledge there is in the written word.  What I can say (from a personal aspect), is that I’ve learned far more from the written word than anything video/full-motion oriented.   That is what this article is going to dive into.  Specifically, the best photography books for beginners.   More […]

What Is Editorial Photography (Tips To Better Your Story)

I know…  there seems to be countless “versions” of photography.  You have portrait, landscape, urban, real estate, journalism, astro… and the list goes on.  Then there are sub-categories that fall below the main ones. So where does editorial photography come in, and what’s its purpose? Well you have come to the right place.  In this […]

Nikon Landscape Lens – Top 6 Must Have (Updated for 2020)

Up until a year ago, all I shot were landscape photos. I enjoyed capturing where I had been in my own unique way. Since then I have moved into taking portraits and abstract photography. With my years of experience and knowledge around the dozens of lenses I have used. I am now passing this information on […]

25 Photography Exercises For Beginners (And Beyond)

Being a beginner at anything can be daunting.  There are many things that influence us to make the decisions  that we make on a daily basis.  We all have our own reasons for picking up a camera and taking a photo.   Maybe you strive to be the next Annie Leibovitz, Ted Gore, or Elliot Erwitt. […]

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